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The most authentic
Sliding Sash windows

Traditional Sliding Sash windows, double glazed, draught proof & secure.

Accoya Timber windows

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Sliding Sash Windows
Sliding sash windows

Sliding Sash Windows

Our timber sash windows are specially crafted to be low maintenance, durable products that are as functionally superior as they are timelessly beautiful.

Using authentic manufacturing and finishing techniques guarantees our sash windows look just like the originals, while their enhanced durability and performance is assured with the latest advances in thermal insulation, glazing techniques and 'accoya' timber technology.

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Sliding sash window horns
Traditional Design
Sliding sash window security
Locks & Restrictors
Sliding sash window draft seals
Draught Proofing
Sliding sash window traditional weights and pulleys
Weights & Pulleys

Manufactured with slim ovolo moulded details, deep bottom rails and...

'Secured by Design' locking heritage fasteners available in a range of finishes...

This window had been developed to conceal all the draught seal to maintain the...

Traditional counter balance weights have been a tried and tested system for...

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