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Accoya Timber Windows

Ultra High Performance Sustainable Wood
Tried & Tested in the UK

We only use Accoya Grade 1 Timber to build our windows. The best Timber on the market.

Less Shrinkage and and swelling makes this the prefect material to build our windows and the only timber we trust to last a life time.

Scroll down for more info on why Accoya Timber is so good.

Accoya Approved Manufacturers

Accoya Approved Manufacturer Certificate
We will only use the best 'Accoya Grade 1 Timber'

All are windows are produced using the very best timber the market can provide.

Accoya Timber is the very best timber when it comes to producing joinery that needs to withstand all the elements that windows need to endure. So much so that this is the only timber on the market to be backed by a 50 YEAR GUARANTEE whilst being sustainable and looking after our planet.



Visit the Accoya Website to view more in depth articles and videos on why Accoya Timber Windows are the only windows you will ever need.

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