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Sliding Sash Windows


The basic design has stayed the same for over 300 years with improvements to security and incorporation of draught seals and high performance glazing options. Traditional weights and sash cords are still used, but some larger windows may require spiral balances instead. All windows an be factory finshed in a range of colours ensuring low maintenance and a long lasting product.

Traditional Design

Our Timber Sash window offers exceptional conservation and reproduction benefits that make it stand out among its counterparts. The window’s design pays homage to 
traditional craftsmanship, contributing to the preservation of historical architectural aesthetics. Our attention to detail in the reproduction process ensures that the window aligns seamlessly with the original charm of older properties while offering modern performance and energy efficiency. By choosing this timber sash window, you not only contribute to conservation efforts but also enjoy the timeless elegance and functional benefits of a window designed to withstand the test of time.


Your sash windows offer remarkable security benefits,
incorporating features approved by Secured by Design (SBD), a police initiative focused on crime prevention and building security. These windows are designed with robust frames and locking mechanisms, acting as a strong deterrent against intruders and providing enhanced protection for your property. Utilizing premium materials like toughened glass, SBD-approved windows ensure durability and resistance against forced entry attempts. With police endorsement and visible security measures, opting for SBD-approved sash windows offers peace of mind, knowing your home benefits from the utmost security measures.

Draught Proof Seals

The Dust Proof Seals utilised by Timber Sash Co are highly effective in safeguarding their sash windows. These seals prevent dust and debris from entering, ensuring a cleaner interior and reducing maintenance needs. Additionally, they enhance energy efficiency by minimising air leakage, leading to reduced energy consumption. With their durable 
materials, the seals offer long-lasting performance and 
preserve the window’s aesthetics. Furthermore, they 
contribute to a quieter indoor environment by providing sound insulation. Overall, Timber Sash Co’s Dust Proof Seals combine practicality, efficiency, and conservation benefits, making their sash windows an exceptional choice for any property

Weights & Pulleys

The traditional counterbalance weights in our sash 
windows are exceptional, offering effortless and smooth operation, regardless of window size. Their ingenious design uses gravity to counterbalance the sash weight, ensuring easy opening and closing. Low-friction mechanisms 
provide silent movement without squeaks or sticking points. Crafted from durable materials, they stand the test of time, requiring minimal maintenance. Universally applicable, these time-tested weights promise reliable performance. With a history of refinement and perfection, they remain a hassle-free choice, providing enduring effectiveness for your sash windows, ensuring a seamless experience for years.

Minimal Maintenance
Sash Window190.jpg

Our windows, crafted with Accoya Wood and Teknos Paint systems, offer exceptional minimal maintenance 
properties. Accoya Wood’s resistance to rot, decay, and insect attack, along with reduced swelling and shrinkage, ensures long-lasting durability and structural integrity with minimal upkeep. The Teknos Paint systems provide superior protection, forming a robust barrier against weathering and UV rays, leading to extended repainting cycles. Both 
systems are environmentally friendly choices, promoting 
eco-conscious maintenance practices. Enjoy the timeless elegance and durability of your windows with peace of mind, knowing they require minimal maintenance for years to come.

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